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Commercial Cleaning Services for Spas in Ventura, CA

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From the beautiful beaches to the comfortable temperatures, Ventura, California, is a great place to be. While thousands of tourists flock to the area yearly, the region is home to several different types of businesses, including spas. As these properties can get dirty in a hurry, it’s important to schedule spa cleaning service with the experts at Enviro-Master! We have a skilled team full of service technicians who understand how to provide top-notch cleaning solutions.

What We Do

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Helps remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Helps restore your commercial restrooms.


Paper Management Program

Helps resolve your maintenance and inventory problems with our comprehensive paper program.


Why Do You Need Spa Cleaning Services?

While a spa features wet, humid environments, this creates a breeding ground for germs. Unfortunately, failing to clean these areas on a regular basis can cause the spread of harmful pathogens, which can lead to life-threatening illnesses. To keep your staff and customers safe at these properties, it’s important to work with a high-quality cleaning provider. Here at Enviro-Master, we have several years of experience working with spas all over the country.

While we can provide a one-time service to eliminate germs and improve your spa’s appearance, we recommend scheduling a regular maintenance plan. This involves weekly service visits from our skilled team, helping to keep germs and bacteria at bay. Furthermore, a regular cleaning schedule can also result in an improved appearance at your property. In this day and age, appearance means everything. In fact, a clean property can lead to more customers and higher profits! If you’re the business owner of a spa in Ventura, contact Enviro-Master today to do what’s right for your organization!

Enviro-Master’s Commercial Cleaning Services

Our cleaning company is happy to offer a wide variety of cleaning services.

  • Bathroom Cleaning: One of our most popular is bathroom cleaning, which involves the cleaning and sanitizing of these high-touch areas. We wipe down messy surfaces, remove dirt, and apply powerful cleaners to ensure your bathrooms are as safe as possible.
  • Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning: We also can provide tile and grout cleaning, helping to eliminate stains and pesky dirt caught between grout lines. This can be a one-time service or part of a regular cleaning plan. As no one likes to see a dirty floor, we recommend weekly tile and grout cleaning.
  • Paper Management Program: Another exceptional service we provide is our paper restocking. This involves the maintenance and restocking of the paper products at your property. This ensures your customers and staff always have the paper products they need.
  • Power Washing: You should also consider our power washing service, which is arguably the most important cleaning solution for spas. We use a strong power washer to tackle those hard-to-reach areas on your floors, walls, and other surfaces.

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If you’re tired of spending hours cleaning your spa, Enviro-Master is here to help! We hold our cleaning services to the highest standard possible, so you can always trust us to get the job done right. Also, customer service is our #1 priority! We’ve become the industry leader in cleaning services because we always put our customers first. Whether you need a one-time spa maintenance appointment or a weekly, regular service plan, Enviro-Master is the name you can count on. Call today to work with the best spa cleaning professionals in Ventura, California!

Anthony Madrigal

Sergio M always has a professional view at his work. Has a Great work ethic and we never have any problems with him or his job at task. Thank you Sergio for all your hard work and dedication..

Adam Fernandez

Enviro-Master is a great service! They come and service our stores every week and make sure to sanitize every spot in our store. They also make sure that the hand sanitizer is never empty. In the times of this pandemic this truly is a quality service. Lidia does a great job and is always in a great mood. She always makes sure to address all of my concerns and does so in a timely manner. She is also extremely friendly! I highly recommend this company!

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