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Parking Lot Cleaning Services to Re-Fresh Your Inland Empire Business

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In your customer’s eyes, your business is only as clean as its parking area. A well-maintained parking lot tells them that your interior is attractive, and your business is well-run. The difference between welcoming a customer and making them uncomfortable is sometimes just the difference between a clean parking lot and a messy parking lot.

Enviro-Master of San Bernardino offers Re-Fresh Power Washing Service to take care of any dirty parking area. If takes the burden of parking lot maintenance off your shoulders and hands it over to an experienced and reliable cleaning company that will make your commercial property look its best.

What We Do

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Helps remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Helps restore your commercial restrooms.


Paper Management Program

Helps resolve your maintenance and inventory problems with our comprehensive paper program.


Maintaining a Clean Parking Lot is Essential for San Bernardino Businesses

What’s your potential customer’s first impression of your business? If they drive to your location, it’s your parking lot. A parking area that neglects regular cleaning not only looks unattractive, but a dirty parking lot with oil spills and bird droppings can be a safety hazard. It can be unsafe to walk across and unpleasant to breathe in the odors. A neglected concrete or asphalt parking lot is subject to deterioration and erosion.

Every sort of paved surface can benefit from parking lot cleaning and power washing, including restaurants, retail stores, shopping malls, office buildings and service establishments. It’s especially important for owners of commercial parking lots and parking garages, because they are in the business of providing a vehicle operator with a safe and attractive parking space. Enviro-Master of the Inland Empire can keep your customers feeling confident in every aspect of your business, including your parking lots.

Re-Fresh Your San Bernardino Parking Area

Parking lots and parking garages are mercilessly exposed to the elements and to the vehicles that use them. Oil and grime of all kinds build up over the years. Enviro-Master’s Re-Fresh Power Washing Service cleans away debris and deposits and makes your lot look its best.

Our customized cleaning solution, along with our pressure washing, is the regular parking lot maintenance treatment to ensure that your exterior hard surfaces are safe and sanitary and that they look appealing.

Business owners and property managers choose Enviro-Master not only for its excellent cleaning on a regular basis but also for its environmental friendliness. We minimize the amount of wastewater we create. We recapture 90 percent of the water we use and keep oil and grease out of the natural environment.

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Enviro-Master provides Re-Fresh Power Washing not only for parking areas but also to clean surfaces indoors in kitchens and bathrooms. We also provide tile and grout deep cleaning, restroom cleaning, and paper management program.

Contact us today for a free quote and find out how you can have a customized cleaning program that fits your requirements and your budget.

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