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Keep Your Restaurant Deep Cleaned for Employees and Customers with Enviro-Master Services

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Redondo Beach is a sunny surfside town located in West Los Angeles. It is located only minutes from the famous Santa Monica pier and is a staple of the South Bay community of Los Angeles. Natives of LA love to visit the Redondo Beach pier, its many restaurants on the famous Pacific Coast Highway, and scenic bike trails.

What We Do

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Helps remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Helps restore your commercial restrooms.


Paper Management Program

Helps resolve your maintenance and inventory problems with our comprehensive paper program.


EMS Cleaning Services in Redondo Beach

Enviro-Master Services can help residents of Redondo Beach keep their restaurants, spas, and other business offices clean through their advanced cleaning services. EMS has cleaning services that use advanced technology to deep clean your premises.

EMS also has regular cleaning services that include a restroom cleaning service, paper management and hand hygiene management programs to ensure customers and employees are consistently protected.

A Clean Restaurant Is a Busy Restaurant

According to Business Insider, 91% of customers agree that they are more likely to think negatively about an independently owned business if its lounges, restrooms, or lobbies open to the public are filthy.

It’s important to utilize a restaurant cleaning service like the one offered by Enviro-master. Perhaps the most scrutinized of public spaces is a restaurant’s bathroom. USA Today recently reported that three out of 10 people would never come back to a restaurant that had a dirty bathroom.

Luckily, EMS offers restaurant cleaning services that include the use of powerful cleaning products, hand soap refills to ensure all employees and customers reduce the spread of germs, and air care products to keep the restrooms smelling fresh.

Use EMS Everywhere

Bathrooms aren’t the only areas restaurants need to keep clean. Having a dirty kitchen and service areas can lead to official warnings and citations by the public health department, and even worse increase the risk of food-borne illnesses.

Enviro-master’s tile and grout deep cleaning services tackles tough residue and grease on kitchen floors. This helps keep employees safe in these busy areas.

No restaurant can run smoothly without functioning sinks. EMS has commercial drain treatment to eliminate foul odors coming from food and grease build-up in sinks. Their foaming drain line service also saves businesses thousands of dollars (and headaches) by providing their services weekly and stopping future plumbing issues in its tracks.

Why Wait?

EMS has services that aren’t just essential, but also cost-effective, such as their paper management and toilet paper restocking services. Why wait instead of watching your business thrive?  Everyday deep cleaning services through EMS help keep employees healthy and customers satisfied. Reach out today to talk about our services.

Daniel Villarruel

Very friendly , safe ,and professional service. I highly recommend Enviro Master.

Juyun Won

I am a firm believer in clean restrooms- it was impressed upon me by every one of my mentors in the restaurant business. David and his team at Enviro-Master are consummate professionals who get the job done right and they keep on keeping on. Big shout out to Rickie who always makes sure our facilities are squeaky clean and restocked. Deeply appreciate these guys and I highly recommend their service.

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