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Commercial Cleaning Services for Spas in San Diego, CA

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With more than 35 million visitors each year, San Diego is home to countless spas offering services that include massages, facials, manicures, and much more. Locals and tourists choose San Diego spas to unwind and feel pampered. As a spa business owner, customer experience means everything to your bottom line. With so many spa options in the city, you want your business to stand out for the right reasons, not because of an untidy appearance.

Enviro-Master Services can dispatch a local service technician to provide deep spa cleaning. With regular service, a professional can provide superior cleaning for the lifetime of your business. Many spas in San Diego hire Enviro-Master for spa maintenance, but our team is also available for one-time service. We hold our staff to the highest standard and know you will be satisfied with our commercial cleaning options.

What We Do

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Helps remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Helps restore your commercial restrooms.


Paper Management Program

Helps resolve your maintenance and inventory problems with our comprehensive paper program.


Benefits of Enviro-Master’s Spa Cleaning Services

Enviro-Master Services makes it easy to schedule routine cleanings for your business. Our products and services clean and restore public areas in your spa, like restrooms, waiting rooms, and treatment spaces. Deep cleaning enhances the work of your janitorial staff. Enviro-Master will tackle the more challenging jobs that require specialized products and tools.

One of the significant benefits of utilizing Enviro-Master is gaining a clean appearance. Your spa guests won’t see unsightly things such as a dirty floor or filthy tiles. Deep cleaning also eliminates foul odors, especially those found in restrooms. Enviro-Master also provides restocking services to confirm that your spa never lacks essential hygiene products.

Enviro-Master’s Commercial Cleaning Services

With years of experience, Enviro-Master Services can help you achieve and maintain a clean space. Each service choice is customizable to the business owner’s needs and budget. The following are regular cleaning options available for San Diego spas:

  • Bathroom Cleaning: A service technician will work alongside custodial staff to target difficult stains and buildup in restrooms. Fixtures and other surfaces get cleaned to remove debris like uric acid. After restroom cleaning, you’ll notice a dramatic reduction in foul odors.
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning Services: Over time, tile and grout attract oils, dirt, and other debris. With our deep cleaning service, we can target tiled flooring to remove staining. Removing grease and oils will also prevent slips and falls.
  • Paper Restocking: Keep your spa properly stocked with paper essentials. Technicians maintain dispensers and reorder paper towels and bath tissue.

Contact Us for a Spa Deep Cleaning in San Diego

Contact us today to discuss how we can assist with cleaning your San Diego spa. As an industry leader, we understand what it takes to create a clean and healthy space. Schedule an appointment with our customer service team, and we will provide an on-site consultation. A hygiene expert will provide you with service recommendations and perform all necessary tasks to get your spa looking more beautiful than ever.

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