North Los Angeles Commercial Cleaning Services

Enviro-Master of North Los Angeles is a local commercial cleaning services company catering to a wide range of professional businesses across the great area of Los Angeles.

Restaurants, corporate offices, healthcare, schools, daycare, government and more; we are committed to helping protect our community.

Everywhere our neighbors and loved ones work and gather, our service is valuable. Join us in our mission as health and safety thought leaders… our team is ready to serve you with standardized and cost-effective commercial cleaning solutions.

Meet the Owner:


John Raber


North Los Angeles, California



Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Helps remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Helps restore your commercial restrooms.


Paper Management Program

Helps resolve your maintenance and inventory problems with our comprehensive paper program.


Re-Fresh Power Washing

Enhance the curb appeal, health, and safety of your business with our commercial power washing service.


RPM Window Cleaning Service

Restore, protect, and maintain your commercial windows to keep your business looking its best.


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Enviro-Master’s Commercial Cleaning Services

Beautiful Los Angeles is home to such a diverse community of actors, models, entertainers, tech experts, writers, artists, business moguls and so much more. This sprawling metropolis is full of splashes of color and sunny days. Enviro-Master has been serving the Los Angeles community with public health and safety because we care about our city.

Whether you enjoy street taco carts or stunning beaches, we know the best part of LA is how the city feels alive. We want people to feel safe and stay healthy while enjoying these public spaces. No matter what surfaces need cleaning, we have a solution. Our LA team is ready to help find strategies for cleaning spaces and setting up best health practices.

There are over 10 million people here. From major hospitals to locally owned boutiques, there is a real need to stop germ and bacteria spread at every turn. And, with major draws, including LAX, Universal Studios and the Staples Center, the additional incoming traffic of tourists is continuous. Spaces that draw the most visitors will need the most intensive commercial cleaning strategies. Additional commercial cleaning challenges are also face with businesses that handle food or work with those in at-risk populations.

From Legoland to the Travel Town Museum, we have many attractions in LA that are designed to encourage creativity and exploration in our children. Surfaces that are constantly touched by visitors are among the top cleaning concerns for hazardous spaces. We are committed to keeping our clients in good standing with the community through intensive solutions focused on public health and safety.