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Central Valley is the broad area that encompasses most of the interior of California and is the state’s most productive agricultural region. The valley includes cities such as Sacramento, Redding, Stockton, Modesto, Fresno, and Bakersfield.

What We Do

Tile & Grout Deep Cleaning Service

Helps remove buildup on tile, between grout lines and other surfaces with our unique deep cleaning process.


Restroom & Hygiene Service

Helps restore your commercial restrooms!


Paper Management Program

Helps resolve your maintenance and inventory problems with our comprehensive paper program.


About Enviro-Master Services

Enviro-Master Services is a commercial cleaning company dedicated to keeping our community clean and safe. We work hard to train our health and safety technicians to use our effective cleaning products to ensure employees and gym members are protected. We offer tile and deep grout cleaning, drain treatment, hand hygiene, paper restocking and other cleaning services.

Why Your Gym Needs Enviro-Master Services

With the heavy foot traffic gyms experience daily, hiring a commercial cleaning service helps ensure the facility is deep cleaned and safe. Our gym cleaning service helps offers a cost-effective cleaning service designed for gym facilities. We also specialize in helping you keep your restrooms and locker rooms clean and fully stocked by offering paper restocking and hand soap refills.

Everything your gym needs to maintain a healthy and safe environment is included in our gym cleaning service packages.

Where Enviro-Master Services Can Help in Your Gym

As a gym owner, you know many places throughout your facility need to be regularly cleaned. Working with Enviro-Master Services helps ensure every area of your facility is spotless. We take care of everything from restrooms and locker rooms to workout floors and gym equipment. Our all-inclusive gym cleaning service package typically includes:

  • Deep tile and grout cleaning treatment to help remove buildup and keeps the tile throughout your gym sparkling clean
  • Treat your drains, so they continue to flow smoothly by removing grease and eliminating odors from the pipes
  • Refilling of hand soap and hand sanitizing solutions and restocking of paper products, such as toilet paper and paper towels
  • Clean individual workout machines and equipment to help keep them in good working condition
  • Care and cleaning of your gym floors and upholstery
  • Fast and reliable commercial cleaning services

Enviro-Master Services is ready to help gym owners looking for a commercial cleaning service company. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and learn more about our services and how we can help keep your facility clean and germ-free. In addition, we can show you how our products and cleaning services can help keep your business running smoothly, free of worry about any cleaning concerns.

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